solar flower

The technical solution is a system of solar flower generation equipment that is foldable , based on thin transparent PV membranes and can be colored for aesthetical reasons when necessary. The standard unit is a 2m long pole with a women hand fan system to open it for 360 degrees and obtain a thin transparent PV membrane with power generation capabilities when oriented towards the sun . Such unit can be installed in every type of building.
With its surface of 12.5 sq mt , the standard unit could supply 5KW by itself more than enough for a house hold needs that range from 3 to 5 KW. They could be installed on the roof or even on the front of the buildings Where they dont disturb the visibility. It is possible to manufacture units with different dimensions, up to a maximum of 4 m. for an área of app 50 sq mt.
As an extra feature when installed on a roof , equipped with a small electrical motor, it could rotate at command and act as a rainwater collector in na upside down umbrella position . In this way rain could be recycled and reutilized in a building for irrigation and future hydroponic vertical farms.
The financial solution is a systen of payments that will allow immediate savings for the user and a certain repayment in a short time for the utility-investor.
The role of everybody would be as follows:
The utility company , actually supplying power to the individual user would finance the installation of the solar flower system on the users property. The solar flower will supply immediately power at no cost.
In the supply there is a maintenance cost for the system, say 5 to 10 % of the electric bill. The user will pay such maintenance cost as before with the addition of the 50% of the standard bill as reimbursement of the solar flower installation. Such scheme would continue til the repayment is completed, estimated from 3 to 5 years. From there on, the user will only pay for the maintenance fee.
If the solar flower energy produced , is bigger than the users need, such power will be returned to the network and its costs deducted from the users bill, for both the maintenance fee and part of the financial fee.
In this way it will be possible to the user to obtain clean energy at no cost.
The banks would supply the money to the utilities while the government would issue a decree by which the interest rate for the financing of the system would be kept to a minimum.

Overview of the issue and your approach: The approach is to transform the power generation system from non renewables to renewables resources system as fast as possible but with the participation and benefits for all players and without real costs to the users.
Up to now it was always the technical approach that was the issue , by proposing new and more efficient and innovative systems , lowering prizes, proposing new nanomaterials and more. The actual issue from the users point of view , while not denying the benefits of the introduction of solar panels on the roof ,power generation system , was mainly financial.
For a single family such cost may be in the order of 6 to 10K$ . Not everybody can afford or is willing to spend such money. How can I pay for the new system? Is the most frequent question from the citizen user.
Another issue is the installation and adaptability to single cases where you need a solar system designer to define the best solution from every point of view including aesthetics. The solution proposed answers to all these issues ina positive way to promote green energy for the benefit of the community.
The essence of your solution: The essence of the proposal is the adoption of a simple , modular , flexible , aesthetically pleasing and compact device for a localized power generation system at no cost.
The stakeholders in your project: The utilities and the users are the major stakeholders, with the participation of banks for the financing and the public for the political decisions.
Utilities would be responsible for the installation of the power generation system where users buildings would allow it. They would supply all needed equipment for the generation and storage of localized power.
The government should consider the transfromation from non renewables to renewables