Solar energy

The developments of scientists make it possible to create clothes with sewn in flexible solar batteries. My project allows you to be mobile and charge gadgets in the city, on a hike, in the most inaccessible places. The project will help design heated or cooled jackets and pants that will be needed in the clothing of the military, miners and athletes. We can attach luminous elements to children’s jackets that will glow in the dark. This is a design and creative solution that can make clothes warm in winter, cool in summer, light in the dark.

These clothes work like a battery. In the sun, it accumulates energy, which can later be used to recharge, for example, a mobile phone. Gadgets are connected to the batteries using a special cable hidden inside the clothes.

Solar-powered clothing must remain visually appealing in order to be marketable. Therefore, solar panels look fashionable, fit into the design of the jacket and look modern.

Overview of the issue and your approach:
Every day we use various tablets, smartphones, gadgets that need to be charged, which makes the devices not so mobile if we put the smartphone in our pocket and it starts charging.

Charging gadgets from the outlet makes us addicted and we can often lose a lot of time that we could spend on work or leisure with friends and family.

Many countries in the world still rely on fossil fuels to generate electricity. We must switch to clean energy sources due to the worsening climate agenda.

My project combines mobility, green agenda and design solutions.
The essence of your solution: Development of fashionable solar-powered designer clothes for mobility, energy independence and support of the green agenda in the world.
The stakeholders in your project: My project is of interest to everyone - ordinary people, military, airport workers, farmers, scientists from the Arctic, etc. Fashion houses that work on fashion design may be interested in this project.
Agreement: Accepted