portable biogas digester

We designed a portable anaerobic digester consisting of a gas collection chamber, a digester unit,a digestate collection chamber and a pressure gauge to monitor the air pressure. The feedstock is dropped from the inlet and reacts in the digester. The gas outlet at the top of the unit can be piped to the biogas cooker for cooking, and the digestate collection chamber can be opened for easy cleaning.

Overview of the issue and your approach: Many food waste is generated in households every day, and household-generated food waste accounts for more than 50% of the total organic waste from municipal household waste. Thus, we will use the simple microbial anaerobic digestion principle to make a small household biogas digester to reduce the amount of waste generated, while using the waste to some extent to generate energy for people's cooking needs.
The essence of your solution: The portable digesters offer the advantages of low cost, versatility and small size. The cost of a biogas plant for home cooking needs can usually be kept within 100 USD.
The stakeholders in your project: the rural and urban households which can use the biogas for cooking
Agreement: Accepted