With the rapid development of new energy vehicles as a strategic emerging industry, the rise of the low-carbon oriented new energy vehicle market and the development of inefficient charging piles show an unbalanced state. Under the concept of deep integration of “intelligence + digitalization + modularization”, this project adopts the form of “charging pile +APP” to build a distributed intelligent charging system for autonomous vehicles, so as to explore the way of car charging in the era of “zero carbon” under the guidance of digitalization, and provide a boost for the transformation of charging mode and green economy.

Overview of the issue and your approach: As a strategic emerging industry, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly in recent years, while the traditional charging piles have problems such as "building" pile, "using" pile, "finding" pile and users' endurance anxiety. Therefore, to explore the differences and special points between distributed charging piles and traditional charging piles, build products suitable for different scenarios, explore target users, and find relevant modular product application cases, which will serve as a reference for future design and research.

Distributed intelligent self-charging system is an innovative mode to solve the current conflict between charging vehicles and charging equipment. Based on the application of "intelligence + digitalization + modularization", the project constantly achieves product upgrading, constantly improves and innovates the service system in the operation of charging piles and builds a humanized cloud charging platform.
The essence of your solution: "Design + technology" to realize the intelligent pile.
Establish a new intelligent interactive charging mode, shape and cultivate new habits of users.
Establish a new intelligent interactive charging.
The stakeholders in your project: Parking user
Agreement: Accepted