electricity-saving water pipes

1.Storage of electricity when water comes out of a water pipe
2.Storage of electricity when discharging water
*Development of Water Pipes Using the Principles of Hydroelectric Generators
*2.Generated electricity is stored in the charge controller
*3.Electrical conversion and use via inverter
*(Applicable to all water-related facilities)If mini-water pipe hydroelectric generators are supplied regardless of cities or rural areas, the world will be able to save a lot of electricity and prevent overheating in summer.

Overview of the issue and your approach: The world uses a lot more water than it needs to be a day and Day after day.
I approached it because I thought it would be good to use hydroelectric energy such as toilets and kitchens that flow every day in homes and corporate buildings.
The essence of your solution: Many of the world's daily unnecessary or meaningful use of water can be saved by generating electricity using hydroelectric water pipes.
The stakeholders in your project: individual creative ideas