The effect of water salinity on hydroponics plant growth

At which level of salt concentration plant starts to die in hydroponic.

successful results will help to introduce the system with less effort knowing that out water can grow plants ,which will help to not treat water and help save more energy,help reduce transportation and keep our lands.

Overview of the issue and your approach: DR congo faces so many challenges on their agricultural industry,there’s no land to exploit so no food,no road to transport food from one region to another,and the one with land help pollute our country,this project will be an introduction for a lesser and easier way for everyone,for the environment and society. Water quality as been an issue in Congo ,with my research am hoping to solve or manage the issue of water quality by growing plants in hydroponic system with high salinity. If my research is successful,i can show that the implementation of hydroponic will be easier,no treatment of water which contributes to energy saving,lesser use of land,and food are closed to consumers.
The essence of your solution: The essence of my solution is to create food security,reduce pollution and save more energy in the future because my country suffers from all of that.
The stakeholders in your project: Farmers ,engineers students in DR Congo,local communities,Segi university lectures.