The objective we are pursuing is to bring the user a more affordable electric car and solve the problem of autonomy. With these removable and rechargeable batteries, we would be able to solve these major drawbacks.
We could arrive at an “electric station” and exchange the depleted batteries for others that are already charged and get back on the road in less than ten minutes. We don’t have to wait for them to charge!
The petrol station model would be very similar to the current one we already have on all roads. It would simply swap fossil fuel storage for energy storage.
We could make a simile with the old butane cylinders: a battery distributor truck. From a larger platform, we would have the batteries being charged and this would be in charge of distributing them to the different distribution points, our new electro-lighting stations! It would take away any discharged batteries and leave the charged ones, which would be immediately available to users.

As an aid to charging the batteries at the distribution points, solar panels made up of photovoltaic cells would be located on the roof. This would convert the sunlight into electricity in the form of direct current and charge some of the batteries on a small scale. The only thing left to do then is to set up a storage space.
Thanks to this type of infrastructure, we would be able to conserve the infrastructure already in use and thus avoid the extra cost of new “petrol stations” and the loss of employment that this could cause.
This idea becomes disruptive, as we are completely changing the whole concept of the electric car, which is composed of storage. We no longer have a car that is made up of batteries, but a car that can store and swap batteries depending on our need.

Does this completely break with the idea of the electric car? No, it just improves it.

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Overview of the issue and your approach: From a manufacturing point of view, is there really anything to justify this outlay? Only the batteries.

The aim is to develop an affordable alternative available to the majority at an affordable price, right? What if the batteries were not part of the vehicle structure? Removable and rechargeable batteries
The essence of your solution: Our aim is to bring a more affordable electric car closer to the user and to solve the problem of autonomy. Removable and rechargeable batteries.
The stakeholders in your project: all electric car users