Gberkethe is a slum upgrading program whose goal is to transform Ropolon, a slum south of Makeni (Sierra Leona).
The project creates an urban strategy in the northern area of the slum that aims to upgrade and prevent its expansion while providing a rational and practical answer to basic needs. of people. It can be divided into two main parts. First, the “water pipe”. The street is what creates every African city and acts as a transducer for the entire region (ultimately creating a complete urban transformation) through which utilities flow into Ropolon. Second, the service module. These are the areas with water accumulation in the rainwater collection and storage center to supply the population in the dry season. Two types of modules can be distinguished: water, fountain and shower modules, and additional modules, kitchen, toilet and laundry room.

Overview of the issue and your approach: The project becomes a real driver of neighborhood change acting as the gears of a clock where each component, change in existing or new proposals, will work in harmony contributing to the activation. the entire upgrade system in the Ropolon community. It will directly impact living standards in the region and ultimately lead to improvements in health, education and other key pillars of economic development... thus changing the lives of many families.
The essence of your solution: The project used to build the modules is a dry building and low-cost energy access system that ensures access to water and energy for the people of Sierra Leone.
The stakeholders in your project: Slums in Sierra Leone